The Buccaneer Rap

by Pirates for Sail

Fifteen men on a dead man's chest Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum Drink and the Devil have done for the rest Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum You're a peasant boy, you sit and mope You own no land so you've got no hope Indentured servant or maybe a slave A life of adventure is what you crave. You know that the taxes are coming due And if you can't pay 'em, that's the end of you. So escape the chains and the auctioneer, Run away to the sea Be a buccaneer I said yo Yo ho You're a nobleman and your life is fine With a powdered wig and a cute behind All of the ladies dig your style Till one of 'em says she bears your child. Now her Daddy's rich and yours is too And they both think that marriage would be best for you But if it's your freedom that you revere Run away to the sea Be a buccaneer I said yo Yo ho You work in the smithy to earn your pay And you go for a drink at the end of the day When in come soldiers, guys with swords Drunk as skunks and off their gourds. They pick a fight with you and your friends And three of 'em's dead before it all ends It was self-defense, that should be clear Run away to the sea Be a buccaneer I said yo Yo ho You think that the people are treated unfair So you speak your mind in the public square You tell the crowd that the best solution Is to take up arms for a revolution. They storm the castle to no avail Then turn on you when the coup has failed You can try it again in a couple of years Run away to the sea Be a buccaneer I said yo Yo ho You chart the heavens and read the stars Observing the sky, the moon, and Mars You publish a paper on what you've found The sun is the center and the earth goes 'round The church doesn't care for your rhetoric And they have you arrested as a heretic To be tried by a jury of your peers? Run away to the sea Be a buccaneer I said yo Yo ho You've seen the king with a number of wenches In beds, on floors, and even park benches And as his guard, your only job Is to see no one disturbs the slob One day you're sick and the Queen discovers Her roving king and his latest lover For failing to guard his majesty's rear Run away to the sea Be a buccaneer I said yo Yo ho Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!


Pirates for Sail presents the most barnacle-bedecked hip-hop track of the summer, produced by Seadawg of the Scurvy Crew!

Are you a music-maker? We want to hear your remixes! Help yourself to the instrumental and vocal tracks, and put your own stamp on it! Share the results with us at or our Facebook page.


released May 27, 2017

Produced by Brad "Seadawg" Podray (
Lyrics by Dave Keefer
Recorded at Rose Recording, Mitchellville, MD (


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Pirates for Sail Baltimore, Maryland

Pirates for Sail (also known to their fans as the Crew of the Drunken Ferret and the Drunken Ferret T’Barnacle Choir) has been navigating the waterways and watering holes of Maryland since 2005. We plunder, pillage, carouse and sing, and we do all this in between consuming enormous quantities of rum. We’re bloody pirates, mate, and we’re on the account until Jack Ketch catches up to us! ... more

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